Tuesday, March 31, 2009



Day starts with unknown empty-ness, during time passes on the particular day, the empty-ness being darker, still 11:45 pm this dark empty-ness coverts into dark-ness. In this dark empty-ness I just hear the soft voice from my inside, with low pitch, says accept the empty-ness with smile; close your heart to feel dark side of your personality. Its such great opportunity to face the real human-being inside me; where

no reason,

no hope,

no feeling,

no worry,

no future,

no past,

no walk,

no talk,

no light ….

to live, to be alive; but one thing is there; which still before unseen, the real truth of life…

The Empty-ness!

The Zero-ness!!

The centre of onion!!!

But when the Sun wakes up with new day, you never able to meet your dark empty-ness because of unwanted busy-ness fill the perimeter of your personality, but your real truth is never being touch; its still there with the reality of own being to alive you…

The Dark-ness!

The Empty-ness!!

Ashok Lalwani