Monday, April 6, 2009

Manzil, Raaste aur...

Safar me hai zindagi,
Kat rahe hain raaste...

har lamha hai manzil,
thahre hain humsafar ke vaste...

aur hum...

Friday, April 3, 2009

Problem of Solution

“Enjoy your problem.”

“No problem means no life.”

To find the solution of a problem is also a problem. Every solution creates a new problem. Problems are not problems they are a chain of solutions.

Every problem contains own solution and every solution has its own problem.

Every times when happiness comes in someone’s life, he/she have habit to change it to sorrow; because of the habit of facing problem. Happiness is a feeling so no need to express it, but a problem is a situation. Problems are mirror-image of your thoughts.

My experiments with problems, like trial & error, brain-storming, switching between alternatives etc.; give me new looks and ways towards life. To find the best solution of a problem, you need to study your problem to reach to the root of this particular problem.

The problem of habits. Habits are habits, the neither good nor bad; they are just having in your personality, switching between good and bad.

Don’t try to find solution of a problem. Just convert your problem into a solution. To find solution is a bad habit and conversion is a good habit.

Life is life, so enjoy your life!

Ashok Lalwani

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Nature’s Rule

Changing is the rule of nature!

“Your past is the future of your present.”

Every moment, just about to be your past, so it’s better, before

“Time writes your history ”; “You write the history of time.”

Don’t change yourself as time comes in your life; but try to change your time as need of life.

To understand each other, need communication, so when you try to understand life. You need to provide time and opportunity to your life to understand you; for this purpose you just keep micro distance from your life. It’s really a good experience to live in this situation.

Sometimes everything going properly and orderly, we unable to see a tiny change; as after sometimes we find this tiny change as big and broad change, which makes image very clear and we really surprise that everything going in the wrong direction.

We all have many things to change but the initial stage, to change any thing, we need to change the way of thinking.

Everyone want to find answers of questions, but it’s true everyone possess answers and questions inside; we are all living life with mismatching of answers and questions.

Just need to change the way of matching!

Ashok Lalwani

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

To Find Yourself

To Find Yourself

Smile is Life!

A question arises, which struck very deep inside the heart about smile;

“What is Smile?”

“Smile is, just only, the dry-ness of tears.”

Every times smile leaves; why? Smile to find yourself in the very drop of tears or to lose yourself into the dry-ness of tears.

Smile to lose with memories of life; but its better to say, “A person is the slave of memories.” and it’s also true that a person is the slave of habits.

Memories are habits and habits create memories. To find yourself in memories; habit to search yourself in your past. Past is just a chain of memories. To lose yourself in your future to create empty space between past and present.

Now, I want to lose myself to get search myself; but when this search ended? Why you need to find yourself, when you already know it’s just an illusion.

Life is just only the game of “Hide and Seek” on the chess-board.

Every morning to wake to lose yourself and spend whole day to search yourself; finally to sleep to meet yourself inside you. Still no way to find yourself because memories hide you; so it’s better to lose yourself to get reason to alive with the hope to find youself!

Ashok Lalwani