Wednesday, June 29, 2016



friendship needs silence.


no communication between friends.


no words need to express feelings.


need a kiss to catch someone's smile.


need a touch to feel someone's heart-beats.


need a 'smile' to tell someone,

that you are in my memory.

ashok lalwani

Sunday, June 26, 2016


If you hold onto your past too tightly.
You are a prisoner.
If you offer yourself a loving space to develop and grow.
You have a better today.


If you hold onto someone too tightly.
You have a prisoner.

If you offer someone a loving space to develop and grow.
You have a lover.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Soulful wish

She closed her eyes to see the reflection of her soul
The love left some darkness
Hopes left some scares
Expectations left some memories
Her tears shine her soul
Until her tears dry
She feels smile on her soul
Her heart-beats talk to her soul
She dissolved herself
She wrapped herself
Lost in the time
She loves her loneliness
So many questions without answers
So many answers search their questions
She reads herself
Her emotions
Her feelings
Her very thoughts
What she found is lost in time
What she lost is found on her soul
The beauty of tears
The smile of darkness
"Is this a sin to be alive without him?"
She opened her eyes
Saw her soul in front of herself
Her soul whispers
"It is a blessing for you, as he left you."
She gathered herself and smiles....


We spent whole life
in searching
to know what we want to search

But at the end
we realized
whatever we found
all will leave here


ज़िन्दगी निकल जाती है
ढूँढने में कि..,
ढूंढना क्या है?

अंत में
तलाश सिमट जाती है
इस 'सुकून' में कि..
जो मिला, वो भी
कहाँ 'साथ' लेकर जाना है |

Nothing Something Everything

Something is the lack of nothing
Nothing is something of everything
Everything is the lack of something
Something is nothing for everything